Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photo Time :)

With parents like this, do they really have a chance? lol.

Fun @ the fair
Birthday cupcake :) 

 This month as been pretty busy. We went to the fair (my favorite place ever!) a few weeks ago. Last weekend we went to Disneyland for Wyatt's 3rd birthday (thanks Daniel & Farrin!). This coming weekend is family day and a visit from Grammer and Poobah.
As far as our little sister's progress, she is measuring small for her gestational age, while my belly is measuring big lol. Although I always measure a little big, I think is mostly because at five feet tall, my babies have nowhere to go but out. I have a feeling she is going to be a tiny little thing. I am looking for some comfy Preemie outfits for her to come home in because I think NB sizes will be a little too big.
All in all life is moving along. Everyday is a new adventure with these crazy boys. Wyatt is determined to do everything himself which includes picking out his clothes and dressing himself. I totally love it! I love the crazy outfits he comes up with. Zane is talking like crazy and has learned the art of picking on his older brother. He loves to bug Wyatt until Wyatt finally breaks and then it's an all out wrestling match. Gotta love the sibling relationship.

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