Saturday, September 8, 2012


Teeth, you should live with them and if you live without them well, I hope you like strained peas.

After finding a new dentist that wasn't out to rip me off, I finally had my root canal done. Oh My Goodness! it hurt soooo soo bad. I came home and cried like a baby (pregnancy makes me cry A LOT). Thankfully this time the dentist gave me a persecution for some pretty good (baby safe) pain meds. So if this post is a little disconnected it's because I am under the influence :) I am still pretty scared that when the meds ware off all the pain is going to come back, but Caleb assures me it won't. We'll see.

In other news, Wyatt is almost three! Just 17 more days. He is really excited about having his own birthday cake. For the past month he and Zane have been playing pretend birthday party. They find a bag or box, put a random object in it and take turns singing happy birthday to each other. Then who ever sang happy birthday gives the gift, asks "What is it?", claps and this pattern continues on and on.
It's very cute to watch. :)

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