Thursday, October 25, 2012

Real Talk

When you have your children close together there are a few things that just come with the turf.
  • Your house will never ever be as clean as you want it.  Unless your children are not home, 99% of the time there will be a random toy, shoe or article of clothing somewhere it is not supposed to be. 
  • The word quiet no longer means total and complete silence. Quiet now registers somewhere between a low hum and a babble. Synchronizing nap times is essential if you want to keep your peace of mind, or just a piece of your mind. 
  • Dinner: It's not gourmet anymore. 30 min meals are a life saver, as well as any recipes that use a slow cooker or 5 ingredients or less. 
  • Date nights are sometimes held at Chick Fil A, and honestly I'm OK with that. lol Who needs candle light and roses, give me a play house to keep my kids occupied (and in a separate room) and some one on one conversation with my hubby and I will be just fine. 
  • You will become  parentaly bi polar. One second your little boy is the shining star in your sky, a beaming angel that God could not have created more perfectly. He lights up your life and makes your heart jump so high you can't help but wonder how you got so lucky. The literal next second you are jumping up and down wailing like a crazy baboon in the Zoo as your  little angel, with a devilish grin, dips his car into your $5 coffee while standing on your laptop. This goes on all day :) 
While there are exceptions to every rule (except #1, I make fancy dinner sometimes, we have gotten a babysitter and gone out, and the boys don't always dip things in my drinks), this is pretty much life for parents of small children. I guess with the baby just 14ish weeks away my mind is trying to warn me that by this time next year I will be completely out numbered.
So, unless I can somehow convince Wyatt into an alliance, I'm afraid I have already lost the battle. :) 

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HG said...

Honestly - the MAIN reason we didn't have baby #3 is because we didn't want the children to outnumber the parents. But - I'm so glad you didn't make that same decision. I can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl. She's going to be one tough chiquita!!

Love you, you're SUCH a good mom!!!