Friday, December 21, 2012

Im huge

Ok so it's 9:30pm on Friday before Christmas and I am having a pregnancy melt down. Why? because I am HUGE with a big fat capital HHHHHH. Not only am I huge, my dr. said I am measuring 2 whole weeks bigger than I should which means, no it's not my imagination, I am huge. Granted I have only gained 30 pounds so far which means it's not all just cookies and chocolate. (Mostly because I live off of health nut cereal and fruit). But I am huge and that's not even the problem. The problem is I still have 30ish more days to go. How can I go on for 30 more days!?!? I seriously can't get any bigger. My body can't take it and I am very certain I am going to pop like an over inflated balloon and die soon. 30 more days.....30 more days and I have not packed a hospital bag because I have not bought anything to put in it. I don't have a going home outfit for the baby or blankets. Her car seat is still in the garage and dusty along with all my other baby gear. 30 more days to get bigger and bigger. Did I tell you I have a hernia  Yea. this kid is going to kill me and when she does I want everyone to know that I called it and was not surprised in the least.

^^^^Me and I'm rather distraught about it, if I do say so myself.

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