Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Light the end of the tunnel is growing brighter every day.

26 more days. That's it.

Before I was married I was called by several different names. Chubba, Wazoo, Sarrah Martin and Sarrah Juarez. The frist two are nicknames that still crop up every now and again. The last two are names that I have not heard in many years. I was adopted by the Martin family, but I was allowed to keep my birth name. So those who knew my family called me Sarrah Martin, because I was a Martin. Those who knew me in professional settings called me Sarrah Juarez, because that was in fact my name.
I'll never forget talking to a friend of mine right before I got married. She brought up the point that I will no longer have to switch between Martin and Juarez, because I would only be a Dillon. It was weird that that one thought made me feel so complete. I would be known as just Sarrah Dillon to everyone in my life. No more explaining why this person called me Martin and this person only knew me as Juarez. From Aug 7, 2004 on I would be a Dillon.
As we get closer and closer to finishing  up our little family I can't help but think of all the names this blog as gone through. It started off as Caleb and Sarrah, then it went on to Three's company, Four's a crowd and is finally ending at Five's a family  I know I have made this statement before, but it really does feel amazing to know my little family is complete.  I feel complete in the same way I felt when I knew I would no longer be Sarrah Martin/Juarez, but just Sarrah Dillon. A part of my life is coming to an end. Kristin is my last baby and although I am sure there will be times I will miss holding a tiny newborn, I feel at peace with stopping here.
So, as we welcome in a new year and soon a new baby, I am saying good bye to a very important and life changing chapter in my life.
May my feet never swell nor my hormones ever roller coaster again :)

Happy 2013 

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Kathy McElhaney said...

Wait about 20 years and your hormones will roller coaster in a whole new way ;)

Happy New Year! And happy new baby when she arrives!