Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mooving on up

So, I went to my first weekly dr's appointment yesterday and was told that my iron levels are at 9.3, which is exactly where they were the first time despite the fact that I am taking supplements and eating a ridiculous amount of fortified cereal. Exasperated, I told the Dr. what I was doing and asked why nothing has changed. I am still super tired (at least I know I'm not just being lazy), have headaches etc. She said the problem was that I have been taking my supplement with my prenatal and that they are basically canceling each other out because I can only absorb so much iron at one time.
So, what do I do now? I have three-ish weeks to get my iron up. If I don't I am told I might need a transfusion after delivery (and I'll feel lousy) because they expect my iron level to drop by three points. Not Good.
The silver lining: My Dr. ordered me to start eating more red meat, specifically steak, every other day!!! She said just to take the indulgence as a precautionary action because red meat would be the best way to up my iron. Gotta love a Dr. that knows what they are talking about :) So from here till the 28th you can find me at Outback Steak House enjoying a nice fillet with steamed broccoli and a glass of orange juice every other day.


Nonny said...

That's great!! Lol
Do you have a Brazillian Steakhouse nearby? You can get your fill of yummy meat there! :-)

Sarrah D. said...

@Nonny, Good Idea! lol