Friday, January 18, 2013

Still Here

I'm still here and waiting.
Not very good at waiting. Especially when there is nothing to do but wait.
My Drs appointment was literally 10 mins long. The baby was still measuring at 40 weeks and I am 38 wks days. I lost a little weight, but that is normal and very welcome. It never hurts to get a head start.
I'm not sure if she has dropped or not. I can never really tell because a big belly is a big belly to me. I have had contractions every morning, but nothing worth worrying about. Now that I know what true labor feels like all these little pains are just a drop in the bucket.
The boys are driving each other crazy. They love love love to fight with each other.
Wyatt is getting smarter and older everyday. He loves books and actively adds new words to his vocabulary everyday. The other day he informed me that he does not sleep soundly in my bed, only in his own bed does he sleep soundly. lol, I'm not even sure where he learned the phrase, "sleep soundly", but he used it correctly which impressed me.
Zane is my crazy little mess. That's his forte, messes. He loves to walk into his clean room & yell, "mess!" then he throws all the books off the shelf and walks out. He pretends to read books and even remembers parts of the stories.
All in all, we are here waiting to add little sister to the family. Not sure where life is going to go after that, but between these boys and daddy's little girl, I'm sure we are in for quite an adventure.

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