Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Third times the charm

Ok, ok, ok, ok. This is the third time I have started this post. So since I can't think straight long enough to write this out I'm just going to do bullet points. K?

  • I just got back from the Dr's office. He said I am 37 weeks and 2 days, but the baby is measuring 40 weeks. 
  • What does that mean? According to him, it means I have a pretty good sized baby in there. 
  • He will check for dilation at my 39 week (Jan 23-ish) appointment and if I am not progressing he will probably induce.
  • Why induce? Well Wyatt was 8lbs 12oz and Zane was 8lbs 14oz and they measured one week big. So, if my body has a habit of making good sized babies it is probably safe to say since Kristin is measuring almost 3 weeks big she might hit the 9lb mark if I go over my due date. 
  • So with all that being said. I'm starting to get nervous, as I always to right before delivery. I have not had any contractions or signs of labor, so it's still business as usual. I am just a little taken by the fact that she might be bigger than the boys. I had thought for sure she was going to be a tiny little thing. And she still might, as fundal height measurement is not 100% accurate. 
  • So, yup. That's it for now. I'm feeling a little buzzed at the idea that she is really coming soon.  It's exciting and scary. 
As for the boys, they are fighting over a plastic fish

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