Thursday, February 21, 2013

It just got real

Ok, so this is a super quick sleep deprived update.

That boys are great, Kristin is killing me. She still has a perfectly sweet disposition  She is getting passed around at church and doesn't seem to mind. So that is great. The problem is two days ago she decided not to sleep ever. Ever. She is into taking cat naps all night and one long nap in the morning from around 7-whenever. So, that leaves me with very little actual sleep (I'm talking an hour between feedings). The boys get up around 830, but they have been trained (because of a hard pregnancy) to play in their room for a while before running into my room. But yeah. I need sleep. Like big time.
I read that after thee weeks Colic can kick in and I'm wondering if that's where she is headed. Both of the boys had a colic, Wyatt had it bad. While Kristin is awake at night, nothing makes her happy. She is fed and fed again. Rocked. Pacified. She will start to fall asleep, but as soon as I stop rocking her she wakes up and is grumpy. She is acting like something is bothering her, but I can't figure out what it could be. So, if it is a little bit of colic it is supposed to pass by three months. If it is just baby growing pains, she should  be sleeping in longer stretches by two months. So we will see. In the mean time If you happen to see me and I look tow up from the flow up it's probably because I have been working graveyard. :)

p.s. I hope this post was coherent. I didn't reread it.

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