Thursday, March 14, 2013

Random Bugs

Wyatt Told Caleb To Write, "When you don't get balloons, I give you cupcakes". 
This card is from my last birthday, which was in November  Wyatt is very into Greeting Cards. He thinks they are as cool as toys. So Caleb let him pick out a card for my birthday and dictate a birthday message. How cute is his inscription!?! It makes me smile every time I read it.
Anywhooo Here's a little story for you.
 Last night at church Zane somehow ruptured his ear drum. I am not all too sure how that even happened. All we can think is that he had an ear ache (he doesn't complain when he gets them so we don't know when he has one until it gets pretty bad) for a while and while he was throwing a tantrum at church, somehow he created enough pressure to bust his ear drum. I don't know. What I do know is that when this happened  I was just sitting in church and happened to look at his ear. In and around it there was some CRAZY Orange wax/nastiness. I thought it was a nugget of wax so I took him out to clean it. Once I got to the bathroom and really looked at it I realized something was not right in Denmark. I started freaking out because for whatever reason, the first thing my mind told me was that Zane had a bug burrowed in his ear, and now it was living there and pushing all the wax out and laying babies that were going to hatch and crawl around in his head and fall out onto my shoulder when I hold him and possibly even eat his brain (might I say I was running on two hours of sleep at that point). So anyway, I started a freak out fest in the bathroom and it just happened that one of the girls from church was in there and began telling me a story about her mom's friend who had a dead spider in her ear (can we say, NOT HELPING). So now I am over the top with the theory that an earwig is actually living up to it's name in my son's head. I try my best to collect myself and walk to the sanctuary get Caleb. Then I freaked out all over again and tell everyone I walked by that I thought Zane had a bug in his ear. We even recruited one of my nieces to help reexamine the state of Zane's ear. After about 30mins of strong debate Caleb somewhat convinced me that Zane had blown his ear drum. Although, it was not until I talked to a friend of ours who is an RN in PEDS that I was calmed and convinced a family of gross nasty creepy crawlies was not going to wiggle its way out of Zane's ear anytime soon. 
So yeah. Way too much excitement going on over here. Even if it is only due to my over active imagination. 


Mary Frances said...

I would SOOOOO be the girl in the bathroom telling you the story about the spider growing in someone's ear!!! LOL...Plus I would be totally freakin out about the nastiness of the ear wax!!! HAHA!!!

Sarrah D. said...

Lol, I could only image what a scene we could have made together.
Apostolic Bloggers Unite!

Kathy McElhaney said...

This story cracked me up! My imagination is strong enough to picture the entire scene ;)

In one of Sis. Nona Freeman's books she wrote about one of her children having a bug in his/her ear and the aftermath, so your freak-out-fest may have not been out of place!