Monday, April 22, 2013

a real post!

So, life, it's a crazy thing. We have been in a weird place for the last couple of weeks. Lots of machines breaking, being fixed but not quite fixed. For example we have had our dryer fixed like four times now, bought a newish washer only to find out we didn't need a new one, we just needed to fix our dryer AGAIN. Caleb's truck won't pass smog even though it has been fixed six times. Thankfully our mechanic is an honest man and helps us however he can, and I think the owner of the smog testing place is now on a first name bases with Caleb lol . What else... the van was making weird noises so we had that looked at and fixed only to have the noise come back as soon as we got it home. So Friday we are taking it to get fixed again. Just lots of weird stuff like that. I guess it's considered weird because even though we are stressed out about all that is happening, we are not without hope. It is very apparent that God is blessing us and helping us get through this rough patch. So as with all hard times, we have so much to be grateful for.
Our family mechanic is a true blessing and has helped us more than we ever expected. Last week Caleb had to call off work because his truck was in the shop and the van started making a really horrible sound, thus we had no reliable transportation. What should have been a super bad day actually was a blessing in disguise. Caleb got to hangout, swap stories and run around town with our mechanic while the van got some much needed repairs before it blew up. God has been good to us and that is always an amazing thing :)

How are the kids? they are crazy. Well the boys are. I'm starting to think all boys are crazy. Kristin is a dream. She just hangs out, talks, and smiles at us all day. I even got a laugh out of her on Sunday. Wyatt and Zane still have a love hate relationship  They fight like crazy, but as soon as one is out of sight the other is looking for him. Zane is Wyatt's little shadow. He mimics everything Wyatt does, which is good and bad. Lately the boys have been into singing songs, so that is pretty much what we do most of the day.  We take turns picking songs to sing. Zane always picks "The Bus Song", while Wyatt challenges himself to choose a different song for every turn. So far life as a family of five is not too hard. It's not easy, but it's not impossible.
Although we do have Jesus, and since nothing is impossible with God any number of children is doable.
But that being said 3 is a good number. ;)

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