Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wyatt Dillon

So Wyatt is 3 1/2 going on 16. He is most comfortable hanging out with teenagers and often times tries to act like one. Namely, he has learned to talk back. Here is one of our most recent conversations on the topic:

*Wyatt and I are sitting in the back of the van. He is arguing with me about whatever...
M: Wyatt Dillon, you need to listen to me because I am in charge of you.
W: Why?
M: (tongue in cheek)  Because I made you and so you have to listen to me.
W: No, God made me
M:.... (check mate) lol

He has become such a character and although it drives us crazy, it is also a lot of fun. Here's another one of our conversations from earlier this week: 

*Wyatt was supposed to take a nap, instead he is playing on his bed and has been warned and spanked. A minute later I heard him crying as if he was sad or hurt so I walked into his room to check on him. 

M: Wyatt baby, what's wrong? 
W: ( crying in his pillow he lifts his little head up and with tears on his cheeks, looks right into my eyes) MY HEART IS BROKEN MOM! You broked it because you spanked me, and it's really really broken.
M: I'm sorry that your heart is broken, but you have to learn to listen. Do you want a hug and a kiss? 
W: Yes. 
*Hug/Kiss and he is sent back to his nap. Once the boys got up, I gave them a snack. 

W: (runs to the counter to eagerly stand beside me) OH YES MOM! That's right, a fruit roll up will make my heart better. It will make it fixed!!!
 Apparently my hug and kiss was not good enough. Note to self, only fruit roll ups fix broken hearts. 

Lastly, Wyatt has learn how to get out of parent-lead conversations. We know he was taught about Acts 2:38 today, so here is how that convo went.

M: So Wyatt what did you learn about in Sunday School?
W: Umm, we heard a story.... (he wants to go back to playing his games)
M: A story about what?
D: The Holy Ghost???
W: Yeah
M: Wyatt, what was the story about?
W: ummm a Koala
M: (becoming impatient ) Wyatt, what was the man's name in the story?
W: oh, we learned about the Lord

and that's the end. Learning about the Lord pretty much trumps everything right? That is not the first time he has tried to get out of talking by "learning about the Lord". Seems like he only pulls out his Bible knowledge as needed. 

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Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Kids say such interesting and funny things. Sometimes I have a hard time discipling because they will say something way too funny. I try not to give in to often. Smiles.