Tuesday, September 17, 2013

These Kids

Out of the Photo Vault : Wyatt 

Love Black & Whites!!!! We did a little photo shoot at home this week. All I can say is these kids have my heart and drive me crazy. That pretty much sums up my life right now. I'm sad to see my babies grow up, I'm impressed by how smart and witty they are and I'm overwhelmed by the fact that they love to push every boundary we set. 
Lately, Zane is really into complaining, specifically about going to church. He has said, during the some of the more intense parts of service, " I'm tired of so much church" or  "I don't want to listen to Pastor Booker". My kids are not quiet so you can bet that everyone in front and behind us hears this kid trying to weasel his way into the nursery. Unfortunately  the first time he said it, he caught us off guard and I don't think we hid our laughs fast enough. So now we are fighting an uphill battle trying to get him to stop complaining EVERY service. 

In other news, Wyatt is finally turning Four. Most people think he is already four going on five. I think a lot of that comes with the way he carries himself. He tends to get pretty serious and prefers hanging out with the big kids rather then kids his age. I feel bad that I have not set aide the time to teach him to read. We do a lot of learning through play, but I'm positive he would thrive in a more structured learning environment. 

As for Sissy, she is finally crawling!!! She still wants to be held and carried everywhere, but if we make her, she will give in and crawl around. This last week she has been super sick, with a very high fever. But being the third child that she is, we opted to wait it out rather than run to the emergency room. (Sad I know) Her fever broke within the three day limit and today she is back to her happy self. I love being an experienced mom. It is definitely a lot less stressful the third time around. 

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Renée said...

You act so busy like you can't update this blog more than once a month for blog stalkers!!
Observations: Wyatt is a smarty pants and probably reads to Zane all the time in secret :)
Zane wouldn't complain about church if you'd let him come to the awesomized Sunday school class.
My future DIL better not get neglected just because she's #3 (although I did laugh cause it's soooo true!) (Unless you're Janelle, but I'm pretty sure she just likes to take her kids to the Dr. so she can watch the movies in the waiting room!)
That's all for now...thanks for finally writing on this thing ♥♥♥