Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nine months old.

Sunday night
 Sissy is officially nine months old! Can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Still working on ideas for her party. The biggest issues is venue. I'm assuming it's going to be cold on her Birthday, so I need an indoor area. I keep trying to talk myself into doing it at our house, but it's soooooo tiny. On the other hand the church fellowship hall is pretty large, and I don't really want to commit myself to decorating the whole thing. So, as of right now, all things are still "to be decided".
Daddy's Girl 
Ok so this is how Zane came into the sanctuary from his Sunday School class. I didn't even realize how dirty he was until well into service lol. I was told they ate a red snack. Not sure what that means, but whatever it was Zane definitely liked it. :)

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Lozano Family said...

Oh boy! I didn't realize that Zane got out like that! I usually try to clean them up at least a little before they escape! That was the day we had almost 30 kids in the class..... It was licorice. Red licorice :)
And, the little Princess is absolutely adorable. I can't believe her first birthday is a few short months away!