Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Picture Post

Ok. Whew. What a time we have been having. Christmas parties, Birthday parties. We are paritied out! 

Wyatt colltect a few coins to buy Justine a Christmas present.
Christmas at Betty Grandmas. 
One of Kristin's Christmas outfits lol. 
Reday to go to Betty Grandma's. 

Kristin's first doll from mommy 

Lol, seriously. This kid has grumpy down. 

Caleb's 34th birthday
Daddikins prepping for Sissy's birthday

Party of her candy table. 

The Queen of Hearts

Kristin Jolene is officially One Year Old 

Wyatt being Wyatt 

Caleb teaching chapel 
Wyatt's first time singing in the children's choir


Frances Kendrick said...

All your kids are cute....but your little girl is just a doll!!!

Dusti Lipkin said...

Sarrah! I can't believe you parted with her birthday dress! I hadn't read your blog in a bit (not cuz I was busy or anything ;) and I LOVE that dress. I'm going to send it back to you. Put it on a doll or bear, it's so beautiful and sentimental!!!

Sarrah D. said...

@Dusti. please keep it. I really like it, but it was a hand me down from someone else. I'm OK with letting go of it. I've kept a few of her NB things, anything else and I will probably get rid of it later lol.