Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Keep on keepin' on

Hello My Little Bloggy Blog.
So what isn't new? Adding a few pics while I have some time. One of these days I will sit down an write, but until then, a picture is worth a thousand words right?
Sunday School New Converts Class. 22 in attendance.   

Great Auntie Sarrah & Baby Elijah

Birthday Party fun, she never took this wig off lol 

Easter Sunday :) 

Handsome Cousins :) 

Love this little miss 


SoCal Mom said...

OH MY LORDY Sarrah!!! Your kiddos are growing up! They are gorgeous, and SO Big!!! Thanks for finally updating your pics! Love them! Love your kiddos! Love you. You're such a good mom.

Dusti Lipkin said...

They're SO adorable!!! I love the wig lol!