Thursday, May 22, 2014

For the Record

Kristin Jolene: my pearl of great price.
Kristin refuses to say mama! I tell her to say mama, and she grins at me and says, "dada!". She can say cracker, hot, thank you, ouch...she even says kikin (kristin) from time to time, but she will not will not say mama. It's beginning to come between us. :) 
Wyatt is officially enrolling in LCA. It was a hard decision to make for a variety of reasons, but in the end we feel like this is the best choice for him. Now to pray the Lord makes us millionaires. :) So, with that being said, my baby is starting kindergarten! He actually does not like me to a call him baby anymore. But as the creepy old lady in the weirdest child's book ever said, "As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be".  
**Seriously guys, have you ever stopped to really thing about that book? She drives across town in the middle of the night, climbs through her grown, probably married (seeing as he has a child himself) son's window and rocks him. *creepy*
Zane. Zane is my not so subtle child. Yesterday, he woke up, dressed himself and told me I needed to take him to the store to buy juice. We had not had juice for about three days and he was tired of drinking water. So I woke Caleb up and sent them both to the store lol. 

We are having quite the time here in the Dillon household. Caleb was laid off of work in January. God has been so good to us in so many ways. It's like we have a had a spiritual growth spurt. When our money has gotten low, God has provided us with more.
 Zane desperately needed about $2000, two thousand, worth of dental work done. When Caleb lost his job he lost his insurance also, but God worked it out and Zane received ALL his treatment and then some for FREE. I saved the bill and if I ever ever begin to question God I look at it and remember, God will provide. 
We were also in need of a new car. Our van was totaled when Caleb, wait for it.....sneezed while driving and rear ended a truck. He wasn't hurt, so it's a pretty funny story, but not as funny when you don't have a job and very limited funds. God once again stepped in a provided us with a "new to us" car. We were able to pay cash for it and even came in under budget. 
One little thing that God did for me is so small and personal that has really shown me that God knows where we are at and cares about every aspect of our lives. 
I was in need of some new boots. Like seriously in need. I don't have very many shoes and I wear them till they cry uncle and then a few more times after that. So my current boots were falling apart, and I didn't have anything shoes to wear while it was cold. One afternoon, I was browsing at target and I saw that they had some riding boots in the clearance section. Knowing our budget was tight I didn't get my hopes to high, but I stopped and looked. The first thing I noticed was that they were my size. I wear a 5 1/2-6 so it's not too often I find my size of shoe in clearance, or ever. I looked at the price of one pair and they were still $35, I figured the other style would be the same price. My heart dropped a little and I started to walk away, but something in me said, "maybe God wants to bless me today". I looked for a tag on the second style and it didn't have one. I made the choice to take a chance and took the boots up for a price check. Would you believe that they were only $15! Reg price $75. I about snatched them back from the clerk just in case she changed her mind. lol
Every time I wear my little $15 boots I am reminded that God knows where I'm at and will not only provide for my needs, but will also throw in a few extras just to make sure I know he's there. 

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for reminding me. He's been showing Himself to me a bunch lately too- and He's VERY good. :-)