Monday, June 23, 2014

PCOS - It's a syndrome, and I have it.

This is a super personal blog, but it is one that I need to write. I have PCOS. I found out when I went to a fertility specialist because I was having trouble conceiving. The diagnoses rocked my world. I dropped out of college because I was so upset I could not function (I later re-enrolled and graduated with honors). I battled depression and bitterness. Once I did more research I found out that women respond to infertility the same way people respond to the news that they have a cancer. We grieve for our future.
It's been about 8 years and God has given me three little miracles. I still fight with physical symptoms of PCOS. I am currently trying to lose weight, but even that does not happen normally. I can exercise everyday and actually gain weight. It's just part of the package. So I have to try and find the right balance of exercise and diet. I try my best to eat a low GI diet and I just started a workout program.

I guess I just needed to throw this out there because I am tired of pretending I don't have PCOS. I ignore the symptoms and get frustrated that I'm not 100% healthy.

Now, to be clear, this won't kill me, but it does weigh on my mind at times. I mean, what woman wants to fight a beard, or lose their hair, or gain weight for no apparent reason? It puts me at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and ovarian cancer. But it is supposed to be manageable through medicine, diet and exercise.

So here it is guys. My secret. I'm not perfect. In fact I'm very flawed,  but with God's help I'm looking forward to making the next 30 years of my life the best 30 years of my life. :)

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