Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Change of scenery

So, what's new? A lot and nothing. I have started taking a few supplements to help with my PCOS. So far I am taking three. Flax seed oil, Fish oil, and vitamins. I am in the process of  trying to get a hold of another supplement called myo-Inositol. I can find it online, but I really don't want to pay for shipping. So, I am trying to find it in-store. I do feel benefits form the supplements I have started. I have managed to loose three pounds this last week without trying too hard. That is a big accomplishment for me. I recently did a no carb, no sugar week and I still weighed the same by the end of the week. So three pounds is amazing. I hope that my hair has stopped falling out as much as it was, but it is way too soon to tell. So, cheers to prayer and lifestyle changes :)

Wyatt is one month away from starting school. I am almost done school shopping for him. It is going to be so weird to send him off for a whole day. I know I'm going to cry. :) 

In other random news, we have a tadpole. My brother has a coy pond and while we were visiting one evening he decided to give the boys a tadpole. I tried my best to convince him that I was just going to kill it, but he laughed at me and gave my boys a tadpole. So now I have yet another responsibility, I am raising three children, three fish (they came with the tadpole), one dog and one frog-let. Because life was not complicated enough. 

Leroy thinks he's people

Our friend Bobby O'Howell and his pet tarantula 

Both of the boys held it!

Our newest pet. Craig Todd the tadpole. 

Betty Grandma and a few of her grandbabies

She seriously helped me make a flower, it was so cute. 

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Dusti Lipkin said...

Way to go on the weight loss and vitamins etc! I'm so sad that Blake is going to school soon too :( he's my buddy! That's so cute Kristin helping you, Olivia is starting to change so much. She's so into shoes and purses. I love it! :)