Monday, September 1, 2014

Body update.

I have a month y'all!
Ok. So because I am working with my body and trying to be the best me I can, I am going to be blogging more about PCOS. Why? because it's a big deal. At least to me. 
I found that the few supplements I have started taking are helping with my hair loss. As an apostolic we are often identified by our hair. Everyone wants or has long flowing beautiful hair that would make Rapunzel weep with envy  :) 
 So when your hair starts to fall out in chunks at the age of 31, and the majority of it is only coming to the top of your shoulder, well, it can be distressing. I honestly could not wear my hair down because if I curled it, very few pieces went past my shoulder and I was so worried someone might think I was cutting it. 
So, I'm happy to report that my hair has stopped falling out and has grown about 1/2". I don't think it will ever grow down to my knees or anything like that, but that fact that I can comb it in more than one style is a win.  

In other body news. I am starting a new diet regime (diet as in food intake, not diet as in diet). I am going to challenge myself to substitute a few meals with a protein shake to see how that effects my insulin resistance as well as weight loss. I have been very strict with my carbohydrate intake for about six weeks and have not really seen a change in my weight. 
Cutting out carbs has made me feel A LOT better. I am not as tired. My mind does not feel as foggy. I do get grouchy when I am hungry, but who doesn't? I hope that adding protein shakes to my diet as well as a new supplement will do a lot of good for my physical health. 
I contacted my biological mother and asked her about my family health history. I found out that two grandmothers died of cancer (she didn't know which kind), one grandmother died of complications due to diabetes, my biological mother has high blood pressure and some type of heart disease. 
PCOS puts me at greater risk for heart disease and my family health history isn't too encouraging, so with all this in mind I will continue to strive for a more health body. 

PCOS facts

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Sarahsworld said...

Hello. I'm apostolic too and my hair has been getting so much thinner as I get older! I'd love to hear what supplements you've found that work for you.