Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kindergarten bound

camping 2014 

Meeting selfies with Daddy

Ready to leave the nest :)  
Of course Justine met him at school and brought him a special cookie :)

I could not resist leaving a drawing of us on his desk while he was at an assembly . 

BTW, his teacher knew enough to sit him right next to her desk lol 

Best out of five photos taken. 

  It finally happened. Wyatt started school today. This morning he came bursting out of his room (at 6:30am) and asked if it was time for him to get ready for school. The entire time we were getting ready he kept pushing us along because he didn't want to be late. :) On the way to school, Wyatt asked Zane if he was going to miss him, to which Zane yelled, "Don't talk to me!". Zane is a little jealous that Wyatt is starting a new adventure without him. I'm sure his jealousy will end when Zane realizes he will get a lot more attention, now that it is just him and Kristin at home. 
  As of this moment I am curious about what Wyatt is doing. I wish I could sit in class and watch him learn. I want to see how he interacts with other kids. I wonder if he will eat all his lunch. Should I have sent something that is kinda hard to open?  
  While I have a lot of momish wants, there is one thing that I am not...I am not worried. When the understanding that I am not even a tiny bit worried about my son struck me, I realized it is because Wyatt is with people I trust, in a place I know is safe. I'm not worried about how kids might treat him. I'm not worried that his teacher will be unsympathetic to his needs. I am not worried about what Wyatt is being taught. I know that Wyatt is safe. Will he have hardships? Yes. Will someone pick on him? Eventually. But in the end Wyatt will be taken care of, and thankfully will have the privilege of learning in a truly christian environment. I can't express how much that means to me. As a mom who was born to worry, I am thankful to God for helping us make the decision to send Wyatt to LCA and then providing us with the means to send him there.