Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What a Day

Today was a hectic day. The kids were just a mess. Not too many new things happened. Just the usual biting, hitting, running around like their head is on fire. Spittoon Boy urinated in the grass again, but this time the teacher caught him yanked up his pants and made him finish in the bathroom. Lucky for him he was about done when she came by. LOL she had to take such drastic measures because a whole room of 5th graders were watching. We were laughing about it as one of the aides mentioned how the 5th graders will look back someday and say , "Remember that one day when that kid peed in the grass?" Spittoon boy is beginning to influence the other boys . At our last recess I happened to catch a little boy urinating on a pole! I am not sure what we can do about this problem, but something must be done.
Lastly, my front tire blew out on the way home from work. What a bummer. Caleb was out in Riverside and had an appointment with our accountant so he just told me to call my Mother. LOL I think next time I will just call her first. My Mom has triple A and so she had a tow truck guy (whatever they are called) come out to change the tire. The problem was, the guy could not get one of the luge nuts off, so we had him tow the car to my house so my Dad could fix it. Unfortunately, my Dad is still napping so I am not sure if I will have a car tomorrow or not.
On the bright side: someone actually stopped and tried to help me change the tire. Isn't that nice?

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