Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Need some blog time.
I have such a busy week/two weeks coming up, I can't think clearly. All I want to do is go shopping, which is totally out of character. I only get a shopping bug when I am stressed.

Anyway. Our corsage sales are going WAY better than I ever thought they would. I think we have about 20-25 orders! That is amazing, and a ton of work. Thankfully I have lots of help.
We are going shopping on Sat. for supplies and then it's work, work, work. Till the end of the day. Hopefully I will get done in time to attend a Mother's Day BBQ.
Flower Pens: Caleb and I help in a Sunday School class. I am currently the only female influence in the class, so I decided that we needed to make a Mother's Day craft. Well, because neither Phillip nor Caleb are very in touch with their feminine sides (side?), I also set myself up to be in charge of making sure the craft get done (good job Sarrah). So now I have to figure out when I am going to fit shopping for Sunday School supplies into my week.  Next week we are leaving for Bakersfield for a BQ Tourny and I have yet to find a babysitter for Wyatt. Not that it should be a huge problem, it just needs to get done.

Beyond all that, the boys are doing well. Love 'em more and more with every gray hair I earn. :)
Zane's first and favorite thing to say is, Have More?  It doesn't surprise me that the boy who must have food or drink in his hand at all times gives priority to learning how to ask for it.
Wyatt is my little fireball. Here is a little example of the nonsense we look forard to everyday.
Caleb: Wyatt stop splashing
Wyatt: *continues to splash*
Caleb: I said stop splashing, do you hear me?
Wyatt: *no answer*
Caleb: Do You Hear Me???
Wyatt: *looks up at his dear daddy and dryly says* Um you have a booger in your noes.

With that Caleb walked out and laughed. How do you respond to that? For the record, he did not have a booger in his nose.

So that is life right now. We are just doing what we can to enjoy the rare moments of calm in this windstorm of toddlerdom  :)

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The Lipkin Life said...

Wow, you are busy! I'm sure you will pull it off great though! :) Wyatt is so funny!