Saturday, November 2, 2013


Above is our annual harvest fest pic. Not sure how long I will leave it there so look while you can!

Besides that I'm going to tell you a little story about something that happened during H.F.

Soooo, Wyatt was lost (to us) for about 30 full minutes. That's right. For about THIRTY minutes I could not find him anywhere. How did this happen? Well he was supposed to be with one person, and that person said he was with another, and everyone was sure he was with this other person, and someone finally spoke up and said, I told him to go to his Dad. Which Wyatt never did. So Dad thought I had him, I thought a family member had him and every family member thought the other had him. Soo. We finally figure out that the kid is lost and we can not find him anywhere!!!! I mean there are five people looking for this kid. I'm starting to really panic. Then out of nowhere I look up and one of my nephews has Wyatt with him. I walk over there and am told, I just looked over and he was standing right there. Where was right there you ask?? Right there was in line for the Bear Hunt Game. The kid was playing games the whole time, THE WHOLE TIME! So I look down at Wyatt, I am both upset and relieved, and I ask him what he was doing and why did he walk off; he says, Oh I was looking for Christian (a different nephew). Really, because the kid had a handful of candy he had won from a playing games. 

Soo on the way home I tried to talk to Wyatt about how dangerous it is for him to walk off alone.
S: Wyatt you can't go off by yourself, someone mean could find you and take you away from us. They can do mean things to you and make you very sad. You have got to stay with someone ALL the time.
W: If someone tries to take me I will just punch him in the stomach and he will be dead.
S:No, Wyatt, listen. You are a little boy. You have to stay with a big person. I was very scared because I couldn't find you. Remember there are mean people that can hurt you. You have to stay with us all the time.
W: No mom, If  I have a Spiting Cobra in a cage and someone tries to take me, I will throw my snake on the ground and it will bite him and he will be dead.
S: *mental head slap* Wyatt you don't have a Cobra and you are a little boy. You need to stay with us all the time.

Soo, the next afternoon while we are playing in the backyard Wyatt comes up to me and says
W: Mom, I really need a Spitting Cobra.

Not sure how I'm going to get him to understand that not everyone in the world is nice.

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