Monday, May 4, 2015

Hello Bloggitty This is a ramble.

I am taking like 5 mins to blog because, Blog, I miss you!!!!!
I need some time to hash out all my thought, but I think that time is already up, as Zane just marched into my room to inform me about a Teddy Gram situation going on downstairs.

So yup. This is why I haven't blogged lol.

Life. In my mind, there is this entity that exists in the world called Life. Life pretty much comes on a little heavy handed and likes to ruin my plans. I find myself telling Caleb, " If I ever get to meet Life, I'm just going to walk up to it and punch it in the face." Lol.
Life has been pretty wild and honestly I feel like we are back in survival mode. (I'm talking  new born baby survival mode, where you are just glad you showered and dressed that day)
Caleb is working three part time jobs right now, which is ok. We have learned to pack in a lot of fun for the kids on Caleb's days off to make up for the times they are stuck at home with me all day. Although, recently I did take all three kids out by myself and nothing bad happened. So, I think I am going to try taking them with me to a mechanic today, because our car needs a tune up. We'll see.
Time's up, I have a really great thought I want to come back and hash out. Maybe tonight. These few minutes were enough. I feel a little more together. :)


Mary Frances said...

Yaaaaaay!!! You finally blogged!!! Looking forward to reading your next post!!!

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