Monday, May 4, 2015

Hello Bloggitty This is a ramble.

I am taking like 5 mins to blog because, Blog, I miss you!!!!!
I need some time to hash out all my thought, but I think that time is already up, as Zane just marched into my room to inform me about a Teddy Gram situation going on downstairs.

So yup. This is why I haven't blogged lol.

Life. In my mind, there is this entity that exists in the world called Life. Life pretty much comes on a little heavy handed and likes to ruin my plans. I find myself telling Caleb, " If I ever get to meet Life, I'm just going to walk up to it and punch it in the face." Lol.
Life has been pretty wild and honestly I feel like we are back in survival mode. (I'm talking  new born baby survival mode, where you are just glad you showered and dressed that day)
Caleb is working three part time jobs right now, which is ok. We have learned to pack in a lot of fun for the kids on Caleb's days off to make up for the times they are stuck at home with me all day. Although, recently I did take all three kids out by myself and nothing bad happened. So, I think I am going to try taking them with me to a mechanic today, because our car needs a tune up. We'll see.
Time's up, I have a really great thought I want to come back and hash out. Maybe tonight. These few minutes were enough. I feel a little more together. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Today is such an emotional day

Psalm 118:17

17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.
I remember a time when I had only a thread of hope, when I had to talk myself into believing things would work out. I made myself repeat what I knew were the right thoughts, until the idea went from my head to my heart and I truly believed what I was saying. In that time of my life, this verse kept me going. It was my mantra, repeated daily, and written down on several surfaces. I shall not die, but live. Today, I am not only alive, but thriving. 
 During the time I was trying to conceive, I prayed for God to take the desire for a child from me. To release me from the pain of unanswered prayers, and (as silly as it soumds now) send me off be a missionary. We had nothing tying us down. Surely a young missionary couple could do more for God than a grieving woman. I would have slept with bugs on a dirt floor, than continue to hope and (in my mind) fail. 
When things don't work out like we planned or we feel like we have failed at life, it takes a toll on our spirit. In those times we need to look to the word of God for encouragement. Psalm 118:17 is so simple. I will live, and not die. I will make it, I will overcome and because I am alive, I will declare the works of the Lord. 
Today is Wyatt's 5th birthday,(and I know it seems like I always "go here", but it's because I don't ever want to forget what God did for me), and I am so grateful for the miracle that God gave us. I will never be able to fully express the beauty of God's timing in Wyatt's birth. He was what we needed, when we needed it. I sit here with tears in my eyes, overwhelmed by the amazing God we serve. In years to come, when my children read these words I want them to feel what I feel right now. To know that God is good and no matter the circumstance you can live and not die, and in living you will declare that the Lord is great. 
Happy Birthday to you Wyatt Dillon. You are loved more than you will ever know. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kindergarten bound

camping 2014 

Meeting selfies with Daddy

Ready to leave the nest :)  
Of course Justine met him at school and brought him a special cookie :)

I could not resist leaving a drawing of us on his desk while he was at an assembly . 

BTW, his teacher knew enough to sit him right next to her desk lol 

Best out of five photos taken. 

  It finally happened. Wyatt started school today. This morning he came bursting out of his room (at 6:30am) and asked if it was time for him to get ready for school. The entire time we were getting ready he kept pushing us along because he didn't want to be late. :) On the way to school, Wyatt asked Zane if he was going to miss him, to which Zane yelled, "Don't talk to me!". Zane is a little jealous that Wyatt is starting a new adventure without him. I'm sure his jealousy will end when Zane realizes he will get a lot more attention, now that it is just him and Kristin at home. 
  As of this moment I am curious about what Wyatt is doing. I wish I could sit in class and watch him learn. I want to see how he interacts with other kids. I wonder if he will eat all his lunch. Should I have sent something that is kinda hard to open?  
  While I have a lot of momish wants, there is one thing that I am not...I am not worried. When the understanding that I am not even a tiny bit worried about my son struck me, I realized it is because Wyatt is with people I trust, in a place I know is safe. I'm not worried about how kids might treat him. I'm not worried that his teacher will be unsympathetic to his needs. I am not worried about what Wyatt is being taught. I know that Wyatt is safe. Will he have hardships? Yes. Will someone pick on him? Eventually. But in the end Wyatt will be taken care of, and thankfully will have the privilege of learning in a truly christian environment. I can't express how much that means to me. As a mom who was born to worry, I am thankful to God for helping us make the decision to send Wyatt to LCA and then providing us with the means to send him there. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Body update.

I have a month y'all!
Ok. So because I am working with my body and trying to be the best me I can, I am going to be blogging more about PCOS. Why? because it's a big deal. At least to me. 
I found that the few supplements I have started taking are helping with my hair loss. As an apostolic we are often identified by our hair. Everyone wants or has long flowing beautiful hair that would make Rapunzel weep with envy  :) 
 So when your hair starts to fall out in chunks at the age of 31, and the majority of it is only coming to the top of your shoulder, well, it can be distressing. I honestly could not wear my hair down because if I curled it, very few pieces went past my shoulder and I was so worried someone might think I was cutting it. 
So, I'm happy to report that my hair has stopped falling out and has grown about 1/2". I don't think it will ever grow down to my knees or anything like that, but that fact that I can comb it in more than one style is a win.  

In other body news. I am starting a new diet regime (diet as in food intake, not diet as in diet). I am going to challenge myself to substitute a few meals with a protein shake to see how that effects my insulin resistance as well as weight loss. I have been very strict with my carbohydrate intake for about six weeks and have not really seen a change in my weight. 
Cutting out carbs has made me feel A LOT better. I am not as tired. My mind does not feel as foggy. I do get grouchy when I am hungry, but who doesn't? I hope that adding protein shakes to my diet as well as a new supplement will do a lot of good for my physical health. 
I contacted my biological mother and asked her about my family health history. I found out that two grandmothers died of cancer (she didn't know which kind), one grandmother died of complications due to diabetes, my biological mother has high blood pressure and some type of heart disease. 
PCOS puts me at greater risk for heart disease and my family health history isn't too encouraging, so with all this in mind I will continue to strive for a more health body. 

PCOS facts

Thursday, August 28, 2014

New pics :)

We went to the park and had a home made photo shoot. Poor Kristin is lacking in the professional photo department, but I guess that just life as the third child :) Some of these pics need re-editing, but I have been playing with a new editor for about two hours and I am totally burnt out on color, exposure, whatever. All the pics are starting to look the same. As always, you can click to enlarge the pics. 

Senior Portraits 


She was made most of the time we were taking photos.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Change of scenery

So, what's new? A lot and nothing. I have started taking a few supplements to help with my PCOS. So far I am taking three. Flax seed oil, Fish oil, and vitamins. I am in the process of  trying to get a hold of another supplement called myo-Inositol. I can find it online, but I really don't want to pay for shipping. So, I am trying to find it in-store. I do feel benefits form the supplements I have started. I have managed to loose three pounds this last week without trying too hard. That is a big accomplishment for me. I recently did a no carb, no sugar week and I still weighed the same by the end of the week. So three pounds is amazing. I hope that my hair has stopped falling out as much as it was, but it is way too soon to tell. So, cheers to prayer and lifestyle changes :)

Wyatt is one month away from starting school. I am almost done school shopping for him. It is going to be so weird to send him off for a whole day. I know I'm going to cry. :) 

In other random news, we have a tadpole. My brother has a coy pond and while we were visiting one evening he decided to give the boys a tadpole. I tried my best to convince him that I was just going to kill it, but he laughed at me and gave my boys a tadpole. So now I have yet another responsibility, I am raising three children, three fish (they came with the tadpole), one dog and one frog-let. Because life was not complicated enough. 

Leroy thinks he's people

Our friend Bobby O'Howell and his pet tarantula 

Both of the boys held it!

Our newest pet. Craig Todd the tadpole. 

Betty Grandma and a few of her grandbabies

She seriously helped me make a flower, it was so cute. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

PCOS - It's a syndrome, and I have it.

This is a super personal blog, but it is one that I need to write. I have PCOS. I found out when I went to a fertility specialist because I was having trouble conceiving. The diagnoses rocked my world. I dropped out of college because I was so upset I could not function (I later re-enrolled and graduated with honors). I battled depression and bitterness. Once I did more research I found out that women respond to infertility the same way people respond to the news that they have a cancer. We grieve for our future.
It's been about 8 years and God has given me three little miracles. I still fight with physical symptoms of PCOS. I am currently trying to lose weight, but even that does not happen normally. I can exercise everyday and actually gain weight. It's just part of the package. So I have to try and find the right balance of exercise and diet. I try my best to eat a low GI diet and I just started a workout program.

I guess I just needed to throw this out there because I am tired of pretending I don't have PCOS. I ignore the symptoms and get frustrated that I'm not 100% healthy.

Now, to be clear, this won't kill me, but it does weigh on my mind at times. I mean, what woman wants to fight a beard, or lose their hair, or gain weight for no apparent reason? It puts me at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and ovarian cancer. But it is supposed to be manageable through medicine, diet and exercise.

So here it is guys. My secret. I'm not perfect. In fact I'm very flawed,  but with God's help I'm looking forward to making the next 30 years of my life the best 30 years of my life. :)